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REIA believes government may cut negative gearing

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Suggestions that negative gearing should be removed in the upcoming federal Budget have been heavily criticised by the REIA.

According to the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA), any change to negative gearing would impact on the supply of housing and the level of rents in an already tight rental market.

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Rental properties – keeping deductions working for you

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If you own a rental property you could be one of the 110,000 investors who will be getting a letter from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) about your tax liabilities.

The ATO has announced that it will be writing to a sample of rental property owners about their tax obligations and entitlements, after new data mining technology identified that property investors may have submitted incorrect tax claims in prior tax years.

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Sydney rental market reaches critical low

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Data from the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales reveals the Sydney rental market is heavily tipped in favour of landlords, with vacancies reaching a critical low in the last month.

More time to get pools safe before selling or leasing

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If you are thinking of selling or leasing your property, an additional twelve months has been provided before you need to have a pool compliance certificate before you can sell or lease your property.

From 29 April 2015, all properties with a backyard swimming pool or spa that are sold or leased will need to have a valid swimming pool compliance certificate. This additional twelve months provides property owners with more time to ensure that their swimming pool is compliant before their property is sold or leased.

To organise an inspection for your backyard swimming pool or spa, please contact your local council or accredited certifier. Once a compliance certificate has been issued it is valid for three years.

For information on the things to look out for when checking your pool, please refer to the checklist on the swimming pool register. These things include:

  • Does the gate close by itself from any position?
  • Are there objects or trees close to the pool fence that children could use to gain access into the pool area?
  • Is there a resuscitation sign displayed?

Appropriate adult supervision is always the most important thing we can do to keep children safe around backyard pools and spa pools.

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Vacancy rates hitting a two-year low

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Smart Property Investment online has recently reported that vacancy rates throughout New South Wales are tightening with inner Sydney hitting a two-year low, according to new data from the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales, with data showing  the number of properties available for rent in inner Sydney dropped by 0.3 per cent in February, bringing the vacancy rate to its lowest level since March 2012 –  1.5 per cent. read the full article here..

Land tax, the NSW 60-day objection period – is it worth appealing?

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All investment and development properties incur a land tax liability annually. The annual land tax liability for a property is derived from the value of the land only and doesn’t include the value of any improvements. In brief, anyone can object to the valuation which is provided by the NSW Valuer-General, however there is only a 60-day window in which this can be done. In some instances there are significant savings to be made.

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Jeffrey Lamens credited on air during Sky Business News’ Your Property Empire

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Arthur Charlaftis joined host Chris Gray on Sky Business News’ Your Property Empire on Friday 28 June. In this episode they discuss the range of costs associated with moving and the calculators available on to help you estimate costs. They also discuss the top sellers’ markets of the quarter, the most expensive rental listings in NSW and the types of people who tenant high-end luxury properties

Plan to cut negative gearing is disastrous: economist

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Any move to abolish negative gearing as a means of salvaging the upcoming Federal Budget would be disastrous for the property market, according to a prominent senior economist.

“PRESS” A Hugh’s who of stars prefer living in the east

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“Privacy is absolutely paramount,” said Lina Lamens, co-owner of Jeffery Lamens Executive Rentals,  which has been leasing top-end properties in Sydney’s east for the past 14 years. Read the full article here.

Press..Holiday like a star for $80,000 per week

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According to Annie Jeffrey–Heron, director of Jeffrey Lamens Executive Rentals in Woollahra, $80,000 will secure a completely private and supremely luxurious week in one of Sydney’s finest harbourside mansions. Read the full article here.